Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - [ Manufacturer, Trading Company ]

Sterilizer, Beverage Processing, Sterilize, Cip, Carbonated, Emulsification

About Us

Jimei company was established in 1989, and for years we have been focusing on the improvement in machinery theory and performance in the food machinery industry. We have passed ISO9001, National GMP Technology Standard Evaluation, inspections by National Pharmaceutical Equipment Inspection Cener, and all products are designed and manufactured strictly according to standards such as ISO, SMS, IDF, DIN, QB/T2003, 2004, 3A as well as our internal standards.

Our major engineering projects include complete dairy products production line, beverage production line, biochemical engineering production line.

Located in the Jiading District, Malu Town, Lixue Road No. 958.

At last, Welcome to click our website for more information, Our main products are Sterilizer, Beverage Processing, Sterilize, Cheap Cip, Carbonated, Emulsification.

Contact Details

  • Company Name: Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Company Address: Jiading District, Lixue Road 958, Shanghai, China
  • Telephone Number: 86-21-69157888
  • Fax Number: 86-21-69152088
  • Contact Person: Miss Amy
  • Homepage:

Business Info

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People
  • Business Scope: Machinery, Industrial Equipment & Components
  • Product/Service: Sterilizer, Beverage Processing, Sterilize, Cheap Cip, Carbonated, Emulsification

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