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Guangdong Haixing Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd, specialized in plastic housewares and mould developing, is one of the biggest plastic houseware manufactures. Our factory located in jiedong economic testing zone which is one of the top 10 China excellent development zones, and close to shenzhen and shantou port which brings us efficient communication and convenient transportation.

Haixing was established in 1989. With nearly 20 years'development, we have expanded our factory to more than 53, 000 square meters in land.

At last, Welcome to click our website for more information, Our main products are Cheap Plastic, Housewares.

Contact Details

  • Company Name: Guangdong Haixing Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.
  • Company Address: Rd No 3 Zhumei Jiedong Economic Testing Zone Jieyang Guangdong China
  • Telephone Number: 86-663-6119928
  • Fax Number: 86-663-3280666
  • Contact Person: Ms. Fiona Pan
  • Homepage:

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