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Fivestar Solar is a well recognized manufacturer of high quality solar water heater and photovoltaic modules and has a long history as a solar products pioneer since being founded in 1990 as a solar manufactory. ISO certificated.

Fivestar Solar is currently one of the few solar manufacturers that have the complete range of solar products, include solar collectors, both flate plate&vacuum tube solar water heater, pv modules, solar power system(stand-alone&grid connected), solar lighting, heater pump water heater, and big solar water project etc. This complete product chain could provide customer entire solution and service.

Fivestar solar is the the best one among the flate solar collector manufacturers in China. They are experienced on design and produce high quality and economical solar collectors to the market. 99% of them export abroad. One of the flat solar collectors has passed EU SOLAR KEYMARK'S EN12975 test and another type has passed the Australian government test. They have already cooperated with some worldwide famous water heater manufacturers by OEM for many years. Its high heat efficiency(up to 97%) and high quality won good reputations allaround.

Fivestar have a flexible price selection for integrated solar water heater. It is one of the famous brand in China. We already exported it to UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, USA, Thailand, Middle east, Africa, South America, Russia, etc.

For solar pv module, we make both mono&polycrystalline with power output from 1W-230W, it have the advantages of stable output performance, still work under weak light condition, long lifespan. etc. CE, TUV certificated. We are going to expand installation capacity from 50MW to 80MW-100MW in 2009.

Fivestar solar also provide complete solar power system or solar lighting system solutions to customers. We are concentrated in solar street lights, garden lights, hybrid wind-solar lights and have many installation examples in SOUTHEAST ASIA countries, Russia, North America etc. With regard to solar power system, we provided over fifty containers solar home system to the organization involved WBO in the end of 2007. Various configurations and design of the solar power system is your ideal choice. Btw, we are the agency of PHOCOS CONTROLLERS in the southern China.

Fivestar insist on ENERGY-SAVING is the permanent topic of the world, invites you sincerely to work together to create the goodliness of human future!

At last, Welcome to click our website for more information, Our main products are Cheap Solar Panel, PV module, Best solar collector, lighting, Wholesale solar water heater.

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  • Company Name: Guangdong Five Star Solar Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Company Address: Liuchongwei Industrial Area, Wanjiang District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Zip/Postal Code: 523051
  • Telephone Number: 86-769-22777003
  • Fax Number: 86-769-22776966
  • Contact Person: Ms. Maria Yang
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