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Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Xisi Country, Xisi Town,Haicheng City

Drilling rig,work-over rig,hydraulic power tongs,well opening tool series,oil drilling and extracting auxiliaries

Nantong Jinniu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Industrial Park of Laobagang Town, Hai'an County

Drill Pipe Power Tong,Casing Tong,Manual tongs,Rotary slips,Casing Slips,elevators,Safety Clamps,Drill Collar Slips,Hydraulic Power Station,Air-cooled Hydraulic Power Units,Casing Guide,Pneumtic Revolves Ware,Hydraulic Cat Head,The Paper Nature Oil Filter,Suspender,Pneumatic Casing Elevators/Spiders,CDZ Drill Pipe Elevators,Side Door Type Elevators,Manual Tong Dies and Slip Inserts,Windpower...

Jiangsu Rushi Machinery Co., Ltd.

No 60 Weihai(N) Road Bencha Town Rudong County

ZQ Series Drill Pipe Power Tongs,TQ Series Casing Tongs,PZ Mud Pumps,TJ Mandrel Makeup Machines,Pneumatic Reversing Valves,FM Series Air Motors,CMN Series Gear Motors,FSQ Mouse Hole Clamping Devices,FP Sealed Anti-Spraying Boxes,YJ Hydraulic Winches,TS Series Hydraulic Risers,Rotary Catheads,TS Series Hydraulic Risers,YM Hydraulic Catheads,QJ Series Air Winches,Rotary Bushing and Insert...

Yancheng Teda Special Pipe Co., Ltd.

No.8, Wenhua south Road,Hengji town,Jianhu county,Jiangsu province

hengsheng,Drill pipe,tool joints,casing or tubing couplings,drill stem subs,drill collars,kelly valves,power tongs,pup joint,coupling

Taixing Rizcom Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taiyao rd, taixing, Jiangsu, China

drill pipe power tongs,casing power tongs,tubing power tongs,drilling tongs,spiders,safety clamps and others,China drill pipe power tongs,China casing power tongs,China tubing power tongs,China drilling tongs

Jiangsu Rudong Jinyou Machinery Co.,Ltd.

No.18, Tongyang South Road,Juegang, Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Power Tong,Mud Pump,Safety Clamp,Elevators Series,Slips Series,Solid Control Equipment

Wuxi HengTong Electric Power & Petroleum Chemical Material Co., Ltd.

Situated at 5#, Jin Gou Bridge Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

stainless steel goods,galvanized steel goods,China stainless steel goods,China galvanized steel goods,stainless steel goods profiles,galvanized steel goods profiles,stainless steel goods,galvanized steel goods

Hai Tong Power Supply Equipment Co., Ltd. (Foshan Konny Power Supply Center)

5/F, South Building, Weiguo Road, Foshan, Guangdong

acid battery,storage batteries

NanTong Boch Electrical power Tool Co., Ltd.

Dong Huan Shan Marine Economy Development Zone Lvsi Town, Qidong, Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Power Tools,Electrical Drill,Cordless Drill,Rotary Hammer,Impact Drill,Marble Cutter

Jiangsu Shenlida Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

NO.46,Jianyang industrial Zone Jianhu County Yancheng City ,Jiangsu People's Republic of China

power tong,tubing power tong,casing power tong,drilling power tong,torque control system

Uiotec Co. Ltd.

No. 10, Central Yanggao Rd., Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Drilling Equipment,Drilling Rig,Oil Well Pump,Power Tong,Coring Tool

Cixi City Chao Tong Electric Power Automation Equipment Factory

Chaotang Village, Cixi

Plastic product manufacturing,hardware manufacturing

Hejian Bainas Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.


Pdc bit,tci bit,tricone bit,diamond bit,blade bit,core bit,drag bit,drill rig,drill pipe,drill rod,stabilizer,hole opener,fishing tool,drilling bucket,drill pipe power tong,elevator link,safety clamp,manual tong,drill pipe elevator,roller bit

Yancheng Teda Drilling and Production Equipment Co., Ltd.

#88, Wenhua South Road, Hengji Town, Jianhu County, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

Power Tong,Tong,Tubing Tong,Drill Pipe Tong,Casing Tong,Well Service Tong